Our Mission

AIM Smarter® builds and provides the best tools in the promotional products industry and accelerates business success at every level.

The results speak volumes. In less than 15 years, AIM has become the largest organization of experienced and qualified promotional product distributors in the industry, with sales volume over $2 billion and climbing.

We've built out a universe of tools; creative services, technology products including company stores and a product sourcing platform, premier events and networking opportunities. All built to sustain and grow our distributor members and VIP suppliers, fostering unmatched relations backed by integrity, innovation, and social conscience. We work tirelessly to enhance the lives of business owners by delivering premier business solutions – always reliable and never careless.


Higher. Further. Smarter.™

Our History

AIM was born in 2006 from a conversation among a group of distributors. They discussed the need in the promotional product industry for an organization unlike anything that had been created before. They imagined a group that united experienced, promotional product distributors for benefits with top suppliers – in other words, to help level the playing field for distributors who were looking for better customer service, reciprocal loyalty when using the same suppliers over and over, and for help with a number of other shared challenges.

This level of partnership and solidarity was uncharted territory in our industry, but the discussion inspired distributor and AIM founder Jamie Coggeshall to step up to the challenge. At its start, AIM became a group of about 100 distributors located primarily in the northeast. Gaining members via word-of-mouth, the young organization grew steadily. Finally, in 2013, AIM was marketed throughout the industry for the first time. Today, AIM is proud to have a membership of over 2,200 distributors.

Meet The Team

Nichole Stella

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Coggeshall

President / Founder

Lara Coggeshall

Co-Founder / Director of Strategic Development

Cathy Cummings

VP of Supplier Relations

Ryan Beletz

VP of Distributor Sales

Stacey McConnell

VP of Events and Strategic Programs

Megan Beisser

VP of Marketing

Seth Barnett

VP of Content Development

Marie Miller

Executive VP of Operations & Organizational Development


Nick Kirby

Distributor Account Executive


Brynn Kelly

Senior Graphic Designer

Jenna Wallace

Marketing Project Manager

Justin Kain

Digital/Graphic Designer

Maya Bur

Junior Content Editor

AIM Capital

Bill Steinfeld

Account Services Director

Julia Hamm

Senior Account Coordinator

Lydia Hunter

Account Coordinator

Lance Washington

Account Coordinator

Ash Davis

Account Coordinator

Alison Hoban

Account Coordinator

Nathan Crawford

Account Specialist

Courtney Caplan

Account Specialist


Alison Angelo

Senior Marketing Account Manager

Courtney Leahey

Marketing Account Manager

Product Management

Sarah Wilson

Senior Customer Success Team Lead

Marie Wdzieczkowski

Customer Success Specialist

Zain Aftab

Customer Success Specialist

Alexis Nocito

Website Coordinator

Reily Gordon

Digital Production Coordinator

Reuben Robinson

Customer Service Specialist

Member Services

Eric Rosencranz

Business Analyst

Kara Main

Supplier Relations Coordinator

Kevin McCahill

Director of Membership Services

Nicole Brennan

Member Services Events Coordinator


Kristine Dolce

Human Resources / Organization Manager

Kevin Connolly


Lesley Redd

Accounts Payable

Clarence Taylor

Accounting Clerk


Chief Morale Officer

Join Our Team

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