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Who is AIM?

In less than 15 years, AIM has become the largest organization of experienced and qualified promotional product distributors in the industry. We've built out a universe of tools: creative services, technology products including company stores and a product sourcing platform, premier events and networking opportunities created to sustain and grow our distributor members and VIP suppliers.

AIM works tirelessly to enhance the lives of business owners by delivering best-in-class business solutions within the AIM marketplace – always reliable, never careless, everything your business needs.


In-Class Promotional Industry Targeted SaaS Tools


Distributor Members


Years of Industry Experience at the C-Suite Level

$2 Billion

Total Aggregate Sales
Across the US Market

What Our Members Say

Our company already had an AIM membership but upgraded this past spring to include the Elite Membership. We were initially looking for a better automated email service system when we stumbled across the new AIM package and found that it could provide us with a lot more.

In addition to stepping up our email game, we’ve been able to utilize AIM to enhance our company’s branding, develop an identity with services we can offer to customers, and create a whole new website from top to bottom. In a company where we tend to be too busy running the business to actually work on the business, it’s nice to have our AIM team there to help us out. One of the best things is that the completed website and rebrand was never viewed as the end. We’re always communicating on what we can do next and how AIM can help us with it. They’ve helped us create and accomplish goals and we’re operating at a higher level because of it.

Brandon J.

They allow you to use them as much or as little as you need with the different packages that they offer, you decide and there is no hassle. They offer the tools to help you grow and to free up as much time as you need to focus on your business.

This is the best choice that I’ve made in 3 years of owning my own ad specialty business and I’ve only been with AIM less than 6 months. The others can’t beat what AIM offers.

Eric M.

In my previous career as Vice President with the largest packaging distributor in the US, I was exposed to every type and level of customer service one could imagine. In the short amount of time we have been a member of AIM, I can tell you without reservation, this is the best experience I have had with regard to support, advocacy, and programs. AIM is an invaluable resource for distributors, for idea generation, and for developing your business internally and with customers. The programs with top suppliers and industry services that have been developed are excellent. THANK YOU!


As my business grew to $500,000 in annual sales, I realized there were not enough hours in a day to do everything... Over the next two years, I hired three different people to enter PO’s and track orders. None of them lasted more than a year. At this point, my sales were around $1,000,000 annually and I was desperate for a solution. I flew to Philadelphia to attend the Peer2Peer conference and meet with not only their staff, but other distributors who have been using AIM. I could not have been happier with the people I met and the sincerity they conveyed to me in the conversations we had. I joined AIM and have been elated with the services I have received from them. Once you become a member, the special pricing you receive is dwarfed by all of the other benefits AIM provides. From a team of knowledgeable professionals to amazing Power Meetings, AIM will transform your business into a smooth-running machine.

One of the most important things about life is to always associate yourself with good people. AIM people are GOOD people. They get it, and they want to help. I could not be happier with my decision to become part of the AIM family.

Eric K.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

  • Full-Business Financing

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    Gain access to our industry specific custom-built technology platform – an innovative game-changer that will drive efficiency and get your business online.

  • Experienced Team

    You will be backed by a large team of Account Managers with extensive industry experience.

  • VIP Incentive Program

    Increase annual profits through cash-back incentives when using Tech Suite, AIM’s order management platform.

  • Access to Premium Products

    Search through thousands of products with the most accurate data.

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