AIM Diversity

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

At AIM, we believe in a culture of diversity and inclusion. This guiding principle is instrumental in how we build our teams, cultivate leaders and create a collaborative and inclusive environment throughout the AIM network, which benefits our industry and our communities. Our inclusive culture supports diverse perspectives, drives courageous conversations, and empowers every individual in the AIM community to be their authentic selves, to be bold, to innovate, to connect, and ultimately, to grow stronger together. We are #AIMStrong.

Council Members

Nichole Stella

Chief Executive Officer, AIM Smarter

Embracing diversity and inclusion has always been a core principle at AIM and essential to the organization’s future goals and vision. With more than 2200 members of the AIM organization, it is our mission to foster an inclusive environment that advocates for and is reflective of our entire community. The formation of the council is just the first step for AIM to be a driving force across the industry in delivering education and developing programs that support our mission and help to guide the promotional product community as a whole. 

Katie Taylor

Founder, President, & CEO, Savvy Custom Gifts
Council Co-Chair

Katie Sessignon Taylor is Founder, President, and CEO of The Savvy Gift Giver, LLC. Her company’s aim is to build and strengthen business relationships through the power of gifting. Through the design, shipping, and packaging of extraordinary gifts, The Savvy Gift Giver, LLC embodies the possibility of sharing joy, opportunity, and creativity with the world.

As a minority business owner for over 25 years, Katie is committed to diversity and inclusion in her company and the business community at large. She believes these principles should be reflected in the foundation, administration, and customer base of any business.

Amy Williams, CAS

Chief Executive Officer, AB Unlimited Worldwide
Council Co-Chair

Amy Williams, CAS, of distributor AB Unlimited Worldwide, is proud to serve as co-chair of the AIM Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Along with the Committee, Ms. Williams is committed to promoting diversity within the promotional products industry, particularly in creating a pathway to diversity in leadership positions. She believes as a community, we need to better understand the conversations surrounding diversity and how these conversations impact the promotional products industry and the communities that we serve.

AIM Members

Minu Aktar

Creative Designer; Savvy Custom Gifts

Kelli Henderson

Chief Operating Officer; Brand Pride

Desiree Jacobs

President; Striking Promotions

Brian Jolin, CAS

Owner; Jolin Promo

Jen Lyles

Lead Ignitor; Firesign Inc.

Brian Williams

Principal; AB Unlimited Worldwide

VIP Suppliers

Melissa Ralston

Chief Revenue Officer, Koozie Group

Deshaun Diggs

Directory of Field Sales, West; Gemline

Britney Godsey

Chief Sales Marketing Officer; Gold Bond

Kenny Ved

Vice President of Sales; Goldstar

AIM Staff

Megan Beisser

Vice President of Marketing; AIM Smarter

Jamie Coggeshall

President/Founder; AIM Smarter

Cathy Cummings

Vice President of Supplier Relations; AIM Smarter

Marie Miller

Executive VP of Operations & Organizational Development; AIM Smarter

Angela Taylor

Director of Business Development / Technology; AIM Smarter

DEI Event Series

Sponsored by Koozie Group

Building a company culture that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion can provide so many benefits to a brand, its employees, and clients – from fostering relationships within the organization to attracting a diverse client base and future talent. To help bring awareness to this invaluable movement, AIM has developed an education series to provide impactful experiences, ignite insightful conversations, and encourage meaningful relationships.


So You Want to Talk About Race

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Tommy Orange

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AIM Smarter LLC, announces formation of the AIM Diversity Council and Inaugural Diversity Forum

December 14, 2020