Amy Williams on Diversity in Leadership

Through her insight into leadership as a tool, she identifies areas that allow for diversity growth within some already very focused opportunities.

Amy Williams on Diversity in Leadership

Amy Williams is an innovative industry leader. In her role as CEO of AB Unlimited Worldwide, she focuses on highlighting the best in those around her and creating pathways of success for those in the industry. Her guidance in leadership is unmatched and she encourages other leaders to be inspired by those around them and lead with purpose.

One way that Amy stands out as a leader is in her focus on creating an inclusive progressive pipeline for access to her employees. In this, she believes that anyone at any level has the potential for growth if they possess the interest and drive to do so. She provides opportunities and resources that are accessible and attainable for those that seek them out. This might be a result of encouraging professional development, mentorship, or managerial guidance.

Through her own experience and leadership progression, she is passionate about identifying areas that allow for diversity growth within these already very focused opportunities. In mentorship, she believes that the necessary diversity conversations arise, and through participation in learning, others become more empathetic.

Amy encourages leaders to “confront the uncomfortable” as part of their regular leadership approach and to embrace the idea of providing a progressive career path for all positions and maintaining a positive culture, building business knowledge, and employee loyalty. Only in that will development turn into results.

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