5 Ways AIM Supports a Community Where You Matter

AIM believes in one simple truth: You Matter.

AIM Smarter LLC believes in one simple truth: at the end of the day, You Matter. We know this because we are you. AIM Smarter LLC was born from a group of 100 distributors banding together to get what they need without giving up what they’ve earned. A belief that we could be the group we’ve waited for – with the benefits, services, and freedom that just weren’t present in the market.

$2 billion and 2,200 members later, we were onto something. Led by some of those same believers (along with bright, new stars) and with a growing community that is still member-driven at its core, we’ve broken industry routines and

  • Deliver tech innovations
  • Established VIP connections with our industry’s top suppliers
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  • Most importantly: made the promise not to forget our roots.

Help us keep at it.

We’re connecting the ambitious, the experienced, the upstarts, the mavericks and the all-stars all in one place. Are you one of those? We want you. And we take that connection seriously: every single day, we talk to distributors about what they need to grow their business, from marketing services to vendor relations, technology tools to full financing.

We understand every distributor is different. We know your pain points because they’re ours too. We’re confident in our offerings because actually listening has made us a responsive community that is different, too.

Take back your time, experience connections that value you, keep your independence, and choose the SPACE you need to thrive with the AIM membership that is right for you.

S – Support

  • Pick up the phone and call a dedicated project manager – an extension of your team with the
    expertise and tools to get it done.
  • Project tracking? An inside contact at a supplier? PO management? Handled.
  • Work with people who get our industry, who get your frustrations… and also know how to fix them.
    • The best shoulder to lean on comes with solutions you can count on.

P – Projects

    • Embroidery, logo vectorization, social media marketing – we can help with it all.
    • AIM Smarter has an in-house design agency that makes your visions reality, from brochures to email campaigns to a cutting-edge video production arm.
    • Create targeted, online shopping experiences for end-buyers with unlimited company stores. We’ll build it, you get them to come.

A – Assistance

  • Searching? – Our AIM Tech Suite helps you make sales and source products – we’ve got an industry-leading live inventory of millions of searchable products with helpful filters.
  • Selling? – We offer a complete e-commerce web solution with pre-loaded product databases + virtual samples tech to help you close sales.
  • Sold? – Streamline tracking, fulfillment, and strengthen your order process. Save paper, time, and stress.

C – Community

  • Go to trade shows? Us too. At every major industry show, we’ll have faces you recognize and a hospitality suite that will become your home-away-from-home.
  • Got a phone? When you need help, give us a call. Reach a human, not a frustrating menu. Your project manager is just the tip of the iceberg that includes:
    • Dedicated Tech Support to help you get the most from your tools.
    • Real marketing experts who know the terms you’re using, get your target audience, and deliver on-time.
    • Our Customer Success team, to handle problems with above-and-beyond solutions.
  • Seeking connection? AIM is our members, not just our staff. We have an exclusive, active, and engaging Facebook group with daily posts for
    • Questions
    • Insights
    • Inspiration
    • Problem Solving

E – Events

  • We reinvest in our community with a series of AIM-exclusive events, letting you network, grow, and get in-person connection.
    • AIM XP – our innovative National Sales Meeting & award ceremony
    • Peer2Peer – a VIP & top selling member event with deluxe sessions in deluxe settings
    • AIM Power Meetings – a unique jumpstarting event that boosts members by creating personal sales connections directly to supplier
  • Plus, find us at every industry event you want to go to. With AIM, you’ll keep your identity and your freedom, but you’ll never have to be alone again. Thrive because of your hard work, with an entire team behind you.

Get the SPACE you need, join the community that cares.

You matter – let us prove it to you.

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