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7 Ways to Strengthen Sales Relationships in a Digital World

After two years of mostly digital communication with clients, you may be feeling like a pro – or you may be wondering if it ever gets easier. Regardless, these tips can help you refresh your strategy and strengthen your digital sales relationships!

Is AIM a Buying Group?

Do you know how to differentiate between a buying group and a distributor organization? Learn all you need to know about these entity types and see how they relate to intangible assets.
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Credit Starved Small Business

Those disregarded most by banking institutions are between $100,000 and $1 million of annual revenue. While the evidence suggests that these are companies most in need and with the best reputation for maintaining positive growth even during adverse times.

Home Runs with the Right Team

The dynamic AIM Smarter community is extending a helping hand, one idea at a time. Learn how being part of a team can make all the difference.

Safe Outdoor Activities During Social Distancing

How to enjoy the warm weather while staying safe during social distancing.

Maintaining Your Wellbeing While Social Distancing

Tips to help you maintain your mental and physical wellbeing during this time.

5 Ways AIM Supports a Community Where You Matter

AIM believes in one simple truth: You Matter.

Top 5 Ways AIM Smarter, A People-First Company, Shows We Care

Community is built on care, and your value should never feel in question or be taken for granted.