Hello... "My name is Inigo Montoya..."

Written by Jamie
Experience the power of personalization

While actor Mandy Patinkin certainly made his name memorable by repeating it over and over in the movie, The Princess Bride, he could have saved himself some trouble had he simply ordered personalized merch.  Especially a name tag.  

  1. Name tags from ID Line
  2. Name badge from Beacon
  3. Starline personalized mug
  4. Hub, personalized pen

Tried and True Marketing: Promote via email or social media an offer for a Free personalized pen, with a link where you can collect the prospect's company name, address, contact info, and ask any other questions you want to collect to help determine whether they are a good lead for you. Offer this to the first 5 or so people that complete the survey. Then fulfill this thru one of our VIP suppliers, either as part of a self promo, or personalized pen program.