Marketability in an Unfamiliar Environment

Our marketability, just like that of major brands, has to do with the connection to our clients. AIM discusses the best marketing strategies in a changed environment.

We are beginning to understand that many leading brands have been able to maintain relative favorability during the first couple of months of the present global event. This is no easy task and one that comes with continual review and resourcefulness. To achieve a maintained favorable view from our clients, we must understand two important components: marketability and visibility. The more effort and time we can spend is these two areas, the more amplified our approach. These lessons also help us learn the wants and needs of our client base which when mastered, is a valuable skillset.

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Our marketability, just like that of major brands, has to do with the connection to our clients. What is being learned about those who maintain high client connection during this time, despite any drops in sales, actually achieved something that is temporarily just as valuable in their marketability. Typically referred to as consumer confidence which measures the optimism of a brand, this metric is equally valuable for this industry. The measure of optimism has more to do with the perception of a company than tangible achievements. 

To gain higher marketability, we need to understand how we are perceived by our clients. Because we cannot measure this by looking strictly financially, we need to measure it similarly to the metrics of consumer confidence. This can be as simple as a quick poll to clients, notions of conversations to gather a running feed or analytic monitoring of websites and social accounts. Regardless of the process or the tools involved, it is important to focus on favorability over a certain period. So, if a client notes a less than favorable view of the company, determine what their suggestions are and then follow up after some time, usually six to eight weeks, to determine if those desires have been met and what the pulse of the client is then.

It can take time to shape marketability both from the development of metrics and then from an evolution of patterns. But understanding and then maintaining or improving marketability is only part of the consideration. We live and work in an extremely polarised marketplace. Visibility is always a significant topic of consideration but to accomplish a more visible approach in this climate, you need to get creative.

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Client connection is always an important part of being visible. However, in most cases, especially in our industry, visibility is much more physical than it is right now. Trade shows, client meetings, industry events, and networking are all characteristics of visibility that has been almost completely halted. But visibility is just as important today, if not more so. We now have to focus on digital connections and no better time than now to assess and evaluate our digital footprint.

A foremost factor in measuring consumer confidence is website viewership. The most creative companies find ways to bring their clients back to their website often, even if a sale is not attained every time. The importance is placed on the ability to stay favorable, maintain continual visibility, and then, when the time comes, sales will be a result of that familiarity.

Websites most receiving favorable viewership are clean, simple, and have a fixed appeal. This appeal can come in the form of blogs, videos, knowledge delivery, creative instruction, or any other of the nearly endless possibilities. The goal is to ensure the site is not stagnant. Many in our industry work tirelessly to establish a site, but then do not give it regular attention. In our present market situation, your website and your overall digital footprint make up the difference in that otherwise lost connectivity.

AIM is dedicated to not only the knowledge that comes with maintaining favorable marketability but allowing you to reach your digital desires easily and seamlessly. AIM technology and websites are among the leading tools in the promotional industry because they gain customer traction like none other.

by Seth Barnett, VP Content Development

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