Systematic Assumptions of B2B Buying

Like other forms of buying, B2B buying has shifted to be predominantly digital. Learn more on the balance between in-person and digital, and find out what to expect for B2B buying going forward.

Fake Commutes and New Work-Life Balance

Learn about some of the major changes in work-life balance that took place in the past year, and get a few creative tips to find your balance – including the new concept of the “fake commute.”
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Credit Starved Small Business

Those disregarded most by banking institutions are between $100,000 and $1 million of annual revenue. While the evidence suggests that these are companies most in need and with the best reputation for maintaining positive growth even during adverse times.
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Recovery Solutions for Distributors

Small businesses everywhere, including distributors, have taken a hit during the COVID-19 economy. AIM wants to help you recover and thrive.

The AIM Advantage: 6 Ways to Keep Business Moving

Because AIM cares, we want to do all we can to help you to thrive in these new and sometimes challenging times.

Free Business Consultations with AIM

AIM is offering free business consultations for distributors as part of our efforts to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 economy.

Tips to Work from Home Productively & Comfortably

Stay on track with these tips to work from home productively, comfortably, & successfully.

Smooth Sale-ing: 3 Tips for Saving Time While Selling More

As the head of a promotional products business, you’re the captain of your ship.