7 Ways to Strengthen Sales Relationships in a Digital World

Written by Maya Bur, Writer/Content Editor
After two years of mostly digital communication with clients, you may be feeling like a pro – or you may be wondering if it ever gets easier. Regardless, these tips can help you refresh your strategy and strengthen your digital sales relationships!

Many salespeople are eager to get back to building client relationships in person. While the future is looking brighter regarding the possibility of in-person meetings, it's important to recognize that a big shift has occurred. Digital communication is here to stay, and while some customers may be comfortable meeting in person, others will continue to prefer the convenience and safety of virtual interaction.

Moving forward, we’re likely to see a combination of face-to-face and virtual interactions as the new norm. You’ll be all set to thrive in this hybrid communication model by learning to optimize your digital relationships now.

Here are some ways to keep your virtual sales relationships strong!

1. Opt for a Virtual Face-to-Face

When it comes to virtual meetings, not everyone is comfortable being on camera and some simply prefer a traditional phone call. But whenever possible, it’s beneficial to have a video call meeting with cameras turned on so you and your client can connect face-to-face, virtually.

Being able to see one another’s faces can greatly accelerate relationship building. It allows you to read facial expressions and body language, and lets your clients remember that you’re more than a voice on the other end of the phone. Video calls can help us take a meeting more seriously, and they can even make them more fun! Plus, unlike voice calls, they allow you to show off product samples and offer product demos.

2. Make Showing Appreciation a Priority

A little appreciation can go a long way toward strengthening relationships and helping clients feel seen and heard. Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be a big to-do. Simply make a point to thank your clients for their time and attention whenever you have the chance – like on phone calls, social media, or in emails.

You could even mail a thoughtful thank-you note or gift for a truly memorable gesture! Perhaps demonstrate the power of promotional products by thanking them with a personalized pen.

3. Connect on Social Media

At first glance, social media may seem too impersonal to nurture sales relationships. But in reality, social media platforms can be a powerful tool for helping clients feel connected to your brand. Taking a little time to respond to comments or interact with followers can build meaningful connections.

Plus, when your social media channels are used to share expertise and valuable content, prospects will see you as a go-to expert. This is why a strong social media presence can set you up for sales success. Find more tips to help you make the most of social media in our blog posts about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

4. Take Advantage of Video

Video continues to grow in importance in the digital marketing realm. It’s an instantaneous way for your customers to feel connected to your brand – and the faces behind it. It can also save you time by sharing a message once, so you don’t have to repeat it with each customer. And, when done right, video grabs attention and holds it – giving your brand more time to connect and strengthen relationships.

Consider creating videos for your website, social media channels, and/or email communications. These videos can share a message about your company or new products and offerings, while opening the door for more communication. This is ideal for building strong sales relationships.

5. Embrace Snail Mail

While snail mail may seem unrelated to digital relationship building, the two can actually go hand in hand! Sending a small promotional item, like The Magnet Group’s 2-in-1 magnet or Cloth Promotions Plus’s microfiber cleaning cloth, or an informative brochure through the mail lets you add a tangible element to your digital relationships.

When you supplement your digital approaches with physical ones, you build stronger connections more quickly because you’re reaching the client or prospect through multiple channels.

6. Ask for Feedback – And Use It

Gathering information about clients’ preferences for digital communication is a great way to go about strengthening relationships. Clients will appreciate that you’re customizing your approach to fit their needs and connecting on their terms. Plus, getting opinions has never been easier thanks to online polls and social media. Consumers love to give feedback online, so your clients will likely be more than willing to share.

Try creating a poll on Google Forms or Survey Monkey, or simply post a question on your social media. You could ask how your clients prefer to communicate (e.g. phone calls, Zoom meetings, etc.), when they will feel comfortable meeting in person, how they prefer to receive information, and anything else on which you’d like feedback. You’ll be more informed about how to strengthen relationships with your unique client base.

7. Rethink Your Perspective on Sales Relationships

Many still associate sales relationships with handshakes and in-person meetings, but today’s world is a very different place. Whether in-person or virtual, sales relationships are really about creating a personalized customer experience that increases satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty.

The digital world offers plenty of tools and opportunities to accomplish these goals. And combining these virtual tools with physical promotional products demonstrates to your clients how they can do the same.

Remaining open to new ideas and trying new things will allow your sales relationships to grow and thrive in today’s digital world!


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