Smooth Sale-ing: 3 Tips for Saving Time While Selling More

As the head of a promotional products business, you’re the captain of your ship.

As the head of a promotional products business, you’re the captain of your ship. No one is more responsible for setting the direction, making sure everything (and everyone!) is working how they’re supposed to, getting goods from people who have them into the hands of people who want them, and divvying up the spoils. But as you sell more, you’re taking on more responsibilities. And responsibilities cost you more than money – they cost you time.

Every successful company experiences the same thing. It’s a little bumpy at first, then you learn the ropes and pretty soon it’s smooth sailing. But before you can blink, you’re wearing more hats than you can juggle, with less room for error than ever before, and more people counting on you. Sound like you? Don’t panic. Instead, get smart with AIM Smarter.

As a community of distributors led by distributors, we know your pain points and we’ve been in your shoes. If you find yourself hampered by your own growth, weighed down and stressed out by the requirements of selling, you only need to remember two things: S.O.S. and AIM.

S – Streamline Process & Communication

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As a distributor, you’re often caught between the wants and needs of suppliers and those of your client. These demands stretch you thin, occasionally conflict, and add layers of communication and hours of paperwork, each a potential avenue for costly mistakes. Eliminate that risk by adding AIM to your tool belt.

With our connections, dedicated software, and robust teams that your project manager can call on to support your requests, AIM is set up to be your champion. Let us track down a lost order. Let us follow up when things go awry. Let us be the person you call. Streamlining your processes and communication allows you to free up time lost running back and forth between clients and suppliers, and instead gives you back time to spend focusing on treasured clients and new leads.

O – Order of Operations

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What’s the single hardest thing for a strong leader to do? What decision has the highest ROI? Same answer: delegation. The old joke that C.E.O. is three letters that stand for “Delegate”, “Delegate” and “Delegate” is also a hard-learned truth. Delegating day-to-day tasks and follow ups to others allows you the time and dedication to focus on sales, strategy, and customer relationship building.

The best way to do this is to build operational lines that place you at the top, with sightlines to the whole of your biz without every little task breaking your back. An order of operations where everyone answers to you, the vision is yours, but the nitty-gritty is handled by others is a strong wind behind any ambitious business. You see everything, and when you see something needing to be done, you know who you trust to do it. AIM provides dedicated project managers there to follow-up with suppliers, track orders, send a marketing campaign, and solve any problem you kick over so you can focus on what you do best: selling!

S – Stop Multi-Tasking!

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Multi-tasking generates errors and stress and costs more time than it saves. The modern workplace runs on attention – getting theirs and managing yours – and splitting it just means less for everything. Switching between every role in your company all day long means you aren’t able to focus on your clients or new sales. Study after study shows no one is good at multi-tasking; if it seems like you are, it just means you’re very good at your job. Imagine if you could dedicate all your talent and skill to what makes you money.

Instead of stretching yourself to the limit, AIM lets you choose what you need to specialize in success! The AIM project management team is ready and experienced with the various other hats you’re forced to wear and switch between. Take charge by working with us; keep your captain’s hat on 24/7 so you can go harbor to harbor, sale to sale, and keep your growth going.

You’ve only read this far because you care – about your business and the people that rely on it. We get it! AIM’s entire existence is because we really care about distributors. We’ve seen time and time again how often we force ourselves to overperform to (temporarily) mask the effects of unmanageable requirements. It isn’t the only way.

If you’ve noticed less and less time, rationed out to more and more responsibilities, give AIM a shot. In our Sell or Sink industry, there is a smarter, sustainable alternative to added stress or added staff. Keep your independence, take back your time and gain peace of mind: chart a course to success by contacting AIM today.

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