Netflix Promo Store: How and Why

To counter the financial burden of this impact and rather than find ways to bolster subscriptions, Netflix is seeking to energize its brand with a completely new and uncharacteristic offering close to the promo industry.

Client Motivation in 2021

Customers today are driven by logic more than they ever have been. They are smart, tested, and cautious. So, the more logical the outcome, the higher the likelihood of doing business.

Customer Experience Is Still Customer Service

Exceptional customer experiences are nearly impossible to measure because they vary greatly. The most important consideration is an adaptation to the customer’s needs.

Continued Chinese Manufacturing Shifts

While Chinese tariffs decrease, the cost of doing business in China continues to rise leading to increased manufacturing demands in other areas of the world.

Tech Fatigue and How To Avoid It

Tech fatigue, like any other form of induced fatigue, is physical and mental strain brought on by the overuse of technology-specific resources. It impacts our mental and emotional health and creates hostility toward tech mediums.

Insights on Inclusion with Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor approaches the challenge of creating industry diversity with great enthusiasm and an opportunistic attitude.

2021 Q2 Economic Outlook

With many states decreasing their COVID restrictions and with the vaccination rate of American’s continuing to rise, the industry is primed for growth in the year ahead.

Qualifying Your Leads

All leads aren’t created equally! Learn about the 3 main categories for qualifying leads and why this process is so important for converting leads to customers.

The Suez Canal Issue: What It Means for Our Industry

What impact does this have for the industry and what does this mean for the future of trade?

Diversity as a Human Necessity with Brian Jolin

When asked why the diversity conversation is important, Brian’s simple response should resonate for everyone, “because it’s just better for humanity”.