High-Touch Marketing

High-touch marketing involves thoughtful, targeted messaging tailored to individual customers – and it’s proven to help retain clients. Learn how high touch can be done in an increasingly “touchless” world.

Marketability in an Unfamiliar Environment

Our marketability, just like that of major brands, has to do with the connection to our clients. AIM discusses the best marketing strategies in a changed environment.

Can Your Order Management System Do This?

Getting the most from your order management system can be crucial to your success.

Home Runs with the Right Team

The dynamic AIM Smarter community is extending a helping hand, one idea at a time. Learn how being part of a team can make all the difference.

The AIM Advantage: 6 Ways to Keep Business Moving

Because AIM cares, we want to do all we can to help you to thrive in these new and sometimes challenging times.

AIM Cares: Distributor Resources for the COVID-19 Economy

Learn about all the ways we're helping distributors navigate the fluctuating economy, pivot their sales approach, & keep their businesses strong.

Free Business Consultations with AIM

AIM is offering free business consultations for distributors as part of our efforts to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 economy.

Safe Outdoor Activities During Social Distancing

How to enjoy the warm weather while staying safe during social distancing.

Maintaining Your Wellbeing While Social Distancing

Tips to help you maintain your mental and physical wellbeing during this time.

Tips to Work from Home Productively & Comfortably

Stay on track with these tips to work from home productively, comfortably, & successfully.